Physical Distance Management

Alberta’s Most Recognizable Licensed Security Agency

Retail Stores & Businesses! We train you on how to make the most out of your OUTSIDE LINEUPS. Turn line-up frustrations into engaging experiences.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to work with a security company who has practised diversity and inclusivity for over 15 years — meet our engaged and behaviourally trained security guards.


You need a team that has been trained for this new world. Our PROVEN SECURITY & CROWD MANAGEMENT METHODS have been adapted to support businesses.

  • Professional queue management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loss prevention
  • Accurate capacity counting
  • Friendly symptom screening
  • Outstanding customer service


We are also at work in the community every night, keeping an eye on client properties in our marked patrol cars.

  • Patrol vehicles are clearly marked and equipped with GPS tracking and dash cams.
  • Bright yellow uniforms ensure our guards stand out, deterring criminal activity.
  • Exterior and interior patrol plans are customized to your security needs.
  • QR-code check-in system provides transparency with guard-activity log.
  • Real-time incident alerts immediately notify you and your team of any issue.
  • Daily, automated reports keep you informed of any activity onsite.
  • Our guards are engaging, talk to people, and make good decisions.

Choose the team that will proactively protect the safety of your property, employees and customers in these unprecedented times — with a smile.

We’re engaging, well-trained, and we’ll take care of you.


XA Security has trained over 4000 security personnel, and our extensive experience with security and difficult crowd management situations is unparalleled — from CFL games to the Calgary Stampede, Concerts and Music Festivals.

  • An Alberta-based business with over 15 years experience
  • An accredited Alberta Solicitor General training provider
  • Our security guards are incredible with people
  • They SMILE!

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